Thank you for your interest in our church. We are a non-denominational community of Christians who aspire to honor Jesus Christ through all of our actions and intentions. Our church has a variety of groups, projects and events to benefit the world and deepen that precious connection with Christ.

Maybe you're lost and confused; looking for answers about life that are more than skin-deep. Maybe you're interested in bettering the community and developing a sense of self-worth. Or maybe you just want to find a friendly, nurturing group to worship with. Whatever your reason, you're welcome at our church. Feel free to have a look around our site, and we'd love to hear from you if you have any questions or concerns!

Let Your Light Be Seen In 2013

God loved you enough to send his Son to die for you and for your sins. Sin enslaves its victims, making them powerless to escape its deadly consequences without help. God has given you the right to decide whether you want to remain a slave (to sin) or to be free from the bondage of sin. It is a choice that only you can make, but the process of freedom is a simple one. It involves claiming the redemptive and cleansing power of the blood of Christ through faithful obedience. The plan is simple, but the results of following the plan are far reaching-all the way into eternity.
HEAR - The “Good News” (Gospel) of God’s all encompassing, redeeming love. Romans 10:17
BELIEVE – That in spite of your unworthiness the love of God for you caused Him to offer heaven’s best for earth’ worst. Hebrews 11:6
REPENT – Respond to God’s love by loving Him enough to give up your will to follow His will. Luke 13:3
CONFESS – Admit to yourself and others that you want Jesus to be Savior and Lord of your life. Matthew 10:32
BE BAPTIZED – The completing act of the faith obedience that through faith washes your sins away. Acts 22:16


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